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Vernal Equinox Ritual

Date(s) - 19/03/2017
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Sunday March 19 at America’s Stonehenge

Salem New Hampshire

At the Vernal Equinox the sun rises opposite from where it sets, making night and day of equal length. In these moments the veil between the worlds gets thinner and opens up portals for lots of light to enter the planet. This light only anchors if we call upon it otherwise it becomes a lost opportunity. Ancient sites were built to gather charge particularly at these key times in the cycle of the year; the golden mean ratio and sacred geometry allowed the cosmic forces to embed constructively to make bio-electric fields that charge seeds, promote life, and decrease aging. We gather at this time to assist the earth and humanity to come into balance and greater possibility in life.

According to the Dagara People of West Africa we are in a Fire year. Fire is the energy that runs through all expressions of life giving life motivation and passion to express its purpose. Fire transforms through destruction. Fire communicates messages from the other world and connects us through dreams and vision. Fire always lived at the center of community pulling people together as we sought out its warmth and light to navigate the darkness. The white race was bestowed with the task to steward Fire in this world. Too long the white race has used it for combustion that pushed life apart. We now have to remember how we use it to come together and heal our relationship with the other world and particularly our ancestors.


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The rituals are very participatory and invite people to do some homework.

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